UWP Blog Post 1/26/16

One night, my family’s black lab Raider escaped from our backyard at 2am because I left the gate open. With my parents yelling at me and my inebriated body protesting, I searched for two hours trying to find a black dog in a dark neighborhood. Right as I returned, defeated and sober, Raider rushed through the gate into my open arms. I almost cried, but I brought him inside and we both went to sleep content.

  • Conflict – I came home drunk from a bar and left the gate open, allowing my dog Raider to escape.
  • Rising Action
    • I told my parents and they freaked out, yelling that I was an irresponsible drunkard as I stumbled outside to find Raider.
    • I searched all throughout the neighborhood for my dog, my terror rising as I imagined all the terrible things that could have happened to him.
    • My body finally gave up and I headed back to my parent’s house, ashamed and sober.
  • Climax – As  I walked through the gate, I heard Raider whimper, tail between his legs as he trotted into the backyard.
  • Falling Action – On the verge of tears, I gave Raider the biggest hug of his life and told him he was indeed a good boy.
  • Resolution – I let Raider inside and we feel asleep together.
  • Theme – The universe can be a cruel place, but when you least expect it the cosmos can take pity on you.
  • Exposition
    • Setting – My parent’s house in East Sacramento and the surrounding neighborhood
    • Situation – I let my parent’s dog out when I came home drunk from a bar
    • Characters – Myself, Raider, my parents
  • Protagonist vs. Antagonist
    • Protagonist – Myself
    • Antagonist – My drunk self



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