Baked Goods and Bipolar

The two constituent parts of this essay, obtaining and abstracting the data and making an argument about a social issue, were relatively easy. The difficult part came in connecting the two. I chose Mishka’s as my place of observation because I love and crave coffee and it has an interesting vibe. While observing I focused mainly on the people around me and the physical setting. I did not focus on the objects in the room as much, but I did center on the pastry bar. I noticed people walking past it, ignoring it, or taking interest in it only to pass it by. I thought this was an interesting phenomenon.

My social issue came naturally out of my own experience, and relates back to my previous essay. The stigmatization of people with mental illness is a prescient issue to myself, my family, and the people I care about. I haven’t experienced this stigma in a few years, but when showing signs of depression or mania the people around me notice and begin to act differently. They always seem to want to tread carefully, when in reality you just want to be treated normally. I have written and been vocal about my struggles and this issue for this exact reason. The more the public sees the reality and extent of mental illness, the more they will be able to conquer this stigma.

The hardest part of this assignment was adequately tying the two together. During peer review I noticed Mujiba and Josha had focused on their object/data first, then tied in their social issue. I did the opposite, and I found it difficult to organically fuse the two aspects of the essay. I believe my argument is solid and my metaphor is unique, but making them agree with each other all the time was difficult.


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