Gave Me Shelter

The swirl of shirtless, sweaty bodies pushed in from all sides. I fidgeted from foot to foot, calves aching. The dull roar of the crowd drowned out any conversation between my friend Patrick and I. Our spirit hoods were slowly accumulating a mixture of water, beer, and human sweat. And I had to piss like […]

Baked Goods and Bipolar

The two constituent parts of this essay, obtaining and abstracting the data and making an argument about a social issue, were relatively easy. The difficult part came in connecting the two. I chose Mishka’s as my place of observation because I love and crave coffee and it has an interesting vibe. While observing I focused […]

Observance of Rhetoric

The social issue I will be addressing is stigmatization of people with mental illnesses in their everyday lives. I will be speaking to victims of such stigmatization and, by proxy, to the general public. I want to convey that the marginalization they are feeling is real and there are methods to address it. I want […]

Data and Discourse

My data visualization is titled “Watch how the measles outbreak spreads when kids get vaccinated – and when they don’t” on The Guardian website. This visualization was created by Rich Harris, Nadja Popovich and Kenton Powell. It shows 10 pools filled with 100 small circles, each small circle representing a person. Each pool is representative […]

Clashing Communities

I think of my two discourse communities as my past and present self. More specifically, they are my friend group from high school and my friend group that I hang out with most often. To be clear, I love the people in each of these friend groups to death. I experienced my adolescent, formative years […]